DevOps as a Service

Accelarate with DevOps

VLUMSOFT, with expertise DevOps tools specialists, can automate the majority of critical and time-consuming operations on your project. Leveraging DevOps to improve your operations helps accelerate the delivery of new products greatly. VLUMSOFT develops a custom analytical dashboard, a 24/7 monitoring system, and visually rich productivity diagrams to ensure DevOps transparency and traceability.

Not sure what type of DevOps solution to choose? Our all-around team of DevOps experts is capable of assessing your IT environment and drawing a clear long-term DevOps adoption roadmap.

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DevOps as a Service

Integrate Security From Begining
Accelerate Product Time to Market
Quickly Respond to Market Changes
Free Up Time for Creative Work
Gain Maxium Profits

Tech Tools

Cloud Platforms & Virtualization

AWS - Microsoft Azure - Google Cloud Platform - Rackspace - OpenStack

Configuration and Infrastructure Management

Ansible - Terraform - Puppet - SaltStack - Chef

Continuous Integration

GitLab - Gradle - Apache Maven - Microsoft Visual Studio - Travis CI


Apache JMeter - SonarQube - ReSharper - QASymphony - Selenium - Capybara - TestRail

Monitoring, Alerting and Logging

AWS CloudWatch - ELK Stack - New Relic - AppDynamics - Logstash


Snort - Vault - Sonatype - Veracode - Sqreen


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